Tuesday, September 12, 2006



A client informed me of TheDailyWTF and I've subsequently read it quite frequently. It often features bad SQL of all dialects. It also features stupid business rules, management blunders, bad authentication, bad validation, race conditions and dodgy error messages. You'll certainly remember what not to do and when the forum comments aren't sarcastic and purile then you'll also gain insight into good practice.

If you're completing the survey then please mention your MySQL experience :-)

Yes, it's a good site, but I've tried to submit my own experiences without success.

Here is a good example "What constitutes a good error message to the user?" that I had several friends say, you should submit to TheDailyWTF
sounds like a day at webcoin to me
Huzzah! I've had a couple of bits of code posted at TheDailyWTF before. One of them was to do with the lack of a real database and the other was about some dodgey JavaScript.

Seriously it cracks me up - a great way to pass some time on a dull day.
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